Rent a Car in Athens without credit card

Rent a Car in Athens – No credit card

In Aramis Rent a Car we can and we offer car rentals in Athens without credit card. We are one of the few companies in Athens which offer car rentals without the need of credit card or other guarantee. However, all our clients are welcome to use any payment method they prefer in order to complete their transaction.  Payments are carried out either in cash or with credit card.

It is well known, that the majority of car rental companies in Greece require a credit card from their clients as a guarantee or withhold large amounts from their credit cards to secure the transaction. As a result, the available amount of money in the clients’ credit cards is considerably decreased or even worse, their credit limit runs out. The amount that has been withheld is again available to the credit card holder after the end of the car rental, and more specifically a couple of days after the completion of the car rental.  In case that no damage or other problem has been occurred by the renter on the car, the whole amount is returned to his/her account. However, if the rent a car company notices some damage on the car returned or any other violation of the rules, they keep the correspondent amount from the credit card, even without notice sometimes. Therefore, renters ought to be very careful when choosing a rent a car company and make sure that no guarantee is required.

Aramis Rent a Car doesn’t require a credit card as a guarantee for the car rental.

You may pay with one of the following, safe ways:

  • You may pay us for the car rental in cash.
  • You may pay us for the car rental with a credit card or debit card.
  • You may pay us for the car rental with PayPal.
  • You may pay us with a bank transfer.
  • You don’t have to give us your credit card as a guarantee.
  • You don’t have to give us any cash as a guarantee.

Aramis Rent a Car offers the best prices for car rental in Athens and for car rental at the airport of Athens.

With Aramis Rent a Car all your transactions are transparent and you just have to pay the total amount of your car rental, written on your booking voucher. Moreover, our terms and conditions are clear and available to you on our website at all times.

We have a large fleet and a great variety of car models to choose from. All our vehicles are safe, constantly maintained by our experienced staff and clean.

Your safety is our biggest priority! Enjoy your car rental at Aramis without credit card!

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