Samos: The Feast of the Transfiguration of the Savior


Traveling is an addictive experience because you just become one with the place you visit. And when this journey takes place in the beautiful Greek islands, which are flooded with the scents of the earth and the sea, where each alley hides a legend in the depths of history, their inhabitants show you their hospitality with a warm look and a wide smile and then treat you with the most fragrant products that make their land, then you get a life experience that you hold forever in your heart. Samos is the place to visit!

So Samos opens her arms to all her guests and invites them to become part of the local festivals that the feast, the joy and traditional songs speak to your soul, and the traveler feels like being at home. Samos is a unique island!

This beautiful Place

Between the ruins of the Early Christian basilica and the Logotheti Castle, one of the most important monuments of Samos emerges. Sample of gratitude and treasure of the revolutionary leader who saved the island from the Battle of Mycale in 1824. Since then, Τransfiguration of the Savior is considered an official local feast.

The temple is located on the hill of Kastro, which dominates the west of the city of Pythagorion. It was built in 1831 or 1833 with the initiative of Logothetis Lykourgos. The temple was erected in memory of the Samian victory against the Turkish fleet at a naval battle that took place in Mykali’s narrows on August 5, 1824, which is celebrated annually on August 6th.

It belongs to the type of basilica with dome.  It was originally a single-room with an arch, later expanded to the north and south with rectangular edges, while a portico was added to the west side. It has an excellent marble iconostasis and a pulpit of the early 20th century. It is a listed historic listed monument.

If you are on the island of Samos on August 6, do not forget to visit the Temple of Metamorphosis of the Savior and enjoy a unique experience that only the Samians offer to their guests, deeply rooted in their tradition.

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