3 hidden gems in Samos island


In the most eastern part of Greece, where one looks at Turkey at a short distance, is an untouched paradise called Kassonisi. It is a small island which along with the near land of eastern Samos form this beautiful blue “lake”.

It is the third largest island around Samos and is a breath away from it. The sea in this turquoise lane is supernatural, the waters have incredible colors in all shades of blue and are shallow and friendly for swimming. Access is possible either by boat or by a small path.

Waterfalls of Ampelos

If you need a full immersion into nature and tranquility, then you should not miss Ampelos. A wonderful place full with trees, birds and sounds of running waters, with undoubtedly some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Greece.

You will find them to the north of Samos, in Ambelos. Leave your car somewhere close to the path, follow it for half an hour, admire the lush vegetation that dominates the landscape and let the sounds of the running water lead you to the cave where a few meters from its exit you will finally see the famous waterfalls of Ampelos.

Megalo Seitani

Megalo Seitani is one of the most beautiful beaches of Samos at a relatively short distance from Potami Beach in a landscape of wild natural beauty.

It is located on the northwest coast of the island, 45 km west of the capital of Samos. It is designated as a biotope and has been integrated into the Natura2000 protection network due to the fact that it hosts seals. It is a magnificent beach enclosed by mountains with pine trees and olive trees, which get to the sea almost.

It is a sandy, long beach with crystal clear blue-green waters and is an ideal destination, despite the relative difficulty to access it. The beach is not organized, so you must be equipped with the necessary equipment (e.g. umbrellas) and the necessary supplies of food and water. The easiest way to get to Megalo Seitani is by boat from Karlovasi.

Alternatively, you can also walk from Potami, a route that is definitely worth it if you are a hiker. In this case you will need to leave your car in Potami, at the end of the paved road, and from that point continue on the 3.5 kilometers green path.

Initially you will reach Mikro Seitani and then, after about an hour of hiking, on a route with a wonderful view that you will surely enjoy, you will reach Megalo Seitani. Enjoy this beach as much as you can because it is a rare natural beauty that will definitely fascinate you!