Seasides in Attica

Best seasides around Attica

Whether you are visiting Athens for a few weeks or for a couple of days, you shall not forgo visiting its spectacular seaside. Here are some of the best options to explore with your rental car!



It is one of most popular seaside suburbs, and for a good reason! It sits on the southwestern foot of a mountain range and it is bisected by a palm tree lined boulevard, Athinas Avenue, which arrives from Athens city centre.

The western half, located between Athinas Avenue and the sea, is covered with pine trees and consists of two peninsulas, Megalo and Mikro Kavouri that feature sandy and pebble beaches in between rocky shores and luxury hotels.

Kape beach


An amazing beach close to the historical site of Sounio with a unique natural beauty. It is a rather small beach area but this is the element that makes it so charming.

The visitors there feel like being on an island while the pristine water makes it a perfect getaway, only thirty minutes away from the center of Athens.

Psatha Beach


Those who have a wide experience of the beaches around Attica, claim that this beach has something outstanding. Psatha Beach lies on the Corinthian Gulf, 60 kilometers from Athens and undoubtedly is one of the best options for a short, relaxing escape from Athens.

It is in a distance less than sixty kilometers from the city center of Athens and forty kilometers from Eleusina. Everything in Psatha refers to an exotic island or better to heaven!

Erotospilia in Porto Rafti


This is a well-known beach, only 1 km after Porto Rafti in Eastern Attica. Erotospilia is a beautiful small beach with sand and gorgeous blue waters.

It may not be organized but Erotospilia attracts a plethora of visitors due to its massive natural beauty.

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