Conseils de location d’Aramis rent a car

Why hiring a car from

In recent years, more and more Europeans travel to Greece for business or pleasure and decide to facilitate their stay by renting a car or other vehicle.  Here are some hire tips to consider.

– Clients are expected to be informed for all existing traffic rules. Beware, because the fines from such violations are charged to the driver of the vehicle and may, under certain conditions, be directly deducted from the credit card.

– Clients are expected to have read the provisions in case of mechanical failure (breakdown etc.)

– In case of an accident or a breakdown, clients should immediately inform the rental company. They should not try to repair the car without the company’s consent. In case of an accident, clients must record, if they can, the contact information of all parties involved, call the police and notify the company without delay.

Tips on returning the vehicle:

– Return the vehicle to the predetermined point and the agreed date and time, otherwise additional fees will be charged.

– Clients should ask for an inspection of the vehicle before driving it by the representative of the rental company, as well as deliver it in the state received. Otherwise, they risk additional charges.
– The car must be returned at the predetermined level of fuel.

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araathusConseils de location d’Aramis rent a car