Изменения в договорах аренды

The current EU legislation system obliges car rental companies to change their contracts. Citizens will benefit from clearer terms of insurance and options regarding the refueling of the car, fairest damage coverage terms and greater transparency on prices.

In recent years, more and more Europeans travel to Greece for business or pleasure and decide to facilitate their stay by renting a car or other vehicle.

How to avoid the pitfalls when booking

When receiving or purchasing a rental over the telephone or online, be sure to establish what is included in your booking and what isn’t.

Pay close attention to what is included in the rental rate and what is not.

For example:

  • Are there any restrictions applied to the rate (e.g. weekend rates will normally require you to return the vehicle before a specified time on Monday morning?)
  • Do you need prior authorization to take the vehicle into another country, and will there be a surcharge?
  • Is there an extra fee to pick up and drop off the vehicle in different locations in the same country and different countries?
  • Are you restricted to the number of miles or kilometers you can drive the rental vehicle? If so what is the excess rate?
  • Which other additional services or charges are included in the price?
  • Will there be multiple drivers for the vehicle?
  • Are you aware of the various fuelling options?

It is important to select the right vehicle category for your needs. Whilst a rental company cannot guarantee to provide a particular make or model of vehicle, you should select the one that best meets your needs, especially if you are carrying luggage and passengers.

If you wish to hire additional products, such as child car seats, winter tyres, snow chains or satellite navigation, ask if these are available and what the additional cost may be. The rental company will always provide you with a vehicle that is fully compliant with national legislation.

Viera Giourova, Commissioner of Justice, says:

“Today, the online car reservations, the rental of a car in a country and its delivery to another is very simple. Unfortunately, the car rental terms are sometimes too vague and create consumers unforeseen extra costs. Five major car rental companies are now committed to improve their policies regarding these information and make their conditions more equitable for consumers. I am glad of their commitment and excellent work as well as of their attempt to ensure better conditions for European consumers. ”

Consequently, the car rental companies are authorized to better harmonize the existing car rental practices with the requirements of legislation for the protection of consumers, as required by EU rules on consumer rights.

What to look when you rent a car.

The European Consumer Centre of Greece has published a special brochure to protect consumers who rent vehicles in one of the EU member states, including Norway and Iceland for the protection of their rights, as well as providing all the information they need to know both when picking up and delivering their vehicle, to avoid unpleasant surprises at the end of their trip.

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