Life after lockdown: Best holiday destination for this summer

Greece has taken COVID-19 very seriously since the beginning of the year and has seen success in its efforts to ‘flatten the curve’. Actually, it managed to lift its restrictions on travel to the Greek islands on Monday, May 25 and it will gradually de-escalate a series of additional measures.

As the weather heats up, we are expecting to see more tourists travelling around Europe during the summer months and it is evident that people are starting to dream about their next vacation and make plans again. The criteria for many of the tourists have significantly changed as to which destinations to choose and security seems to have the priority.

So, which country to choose? Many of us are hankering for somewhere familiar and reassuring, a country we have come to know and love, where happy holidays are guaranteed and it is also well organized so as to cope with any kind of crisis. A place where the sun always shines, and which doesn’t involve a long flight. This country, is indisputably Greece.

Greece has a variety of sustainable tourism destinations committed to respect the environment and maintain local employment. People are avoiding large hotel complexes with more than 500 rooms and prefer to book a tourist apartment, villa, B&B, guesthouse, or a medium-sized hotel.

Samos Island is an unspoilt destination that stays warm through the end of October. Merge yourselves in nature, unpretentious food and accommodation, quiet beaches, walks through green, mountainous interiors, and a complete removal from the stresses of modern life. Come discover this rich historical past, an island where Mathematics and Astronomy were born, a place where natural beauty and history intersect in a magical way.

So what are you waiting for? Consider that air quality is up to three times higher in Samos than in central London and the population density on this Greek island is 23 times lower than the population density in Paris!



araathusLife after lockdown: Best holiday destination for this summer